Selfie Wolf Calendar

A grandfather told his grandson:”There are two wolves fighting inside all of us constantly – the wolf of fear and hate and the wolf of love and peace.” His grandson then asked the most important question… “Which one will win, grandfather?” The grandfather replied: “The one we feed.”     (Indian wisdom)



The ‘Selfie Wolf Calendar’, made for the exhibition in the Doverodde Book Arts Centre, Denmark,  during the spring of 2014, is inspired by the theme ‘Ulvetiden’, meaning ‘Wolf at the door’.

Wolves are very interesting animals. I began this project with extensive reading about wolves and their behaviour. What struck me from the start, was that in almost every sentence written about wolves, one can replace the word ‘wolf’ or ‘wolves’ with the word ‘man’…. and it still makes sense. The irony of this phenomenon gave me the idea for the
‘Selfie Wolf Calendar’.

The ‘Selfie Wolf Calendar’ can be seen as a self-reflecting mirror for human behaviour, set off against the intriguing similarity between man and wolf.


homo homini lupus est:
man is a wolf to his fellow man
and to himself


A small selection from the Selfie Wolf Calendar:

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The Selfie Wolf Calendar is printed in an edition of 20 copies.
When you are interested in buying a signed copy, contact Marijke.
Price: €85,= (excl. package and shipping cost)

(because of the international character of the ‘Ulvetiden’ project, the Selfie Wolf Calendar is only available in the English language)