Artist’s statement and CV

‘Fine art is that in which the hand, the head, and the heart of man go together’ (John Ruskin, 1859)

This quote is perfectly tailored to Marijke van Dijk; in her work she merges a profound sensitivity with thourough artistic research and practical skills.

Thematically Marijke’s work concentrates on man and nature. In both she seeks similar aspects: the seasons of human life, and the seasons of nature. Her work is about contrasts: light and darkness, vulnerability and nakedness, silence and quiet, or gaiety, flowering, dance. But most of all it is about the longing to reach for, touch, the elusive, invisible aspects of our world.

Drawing and painting, being creative in many ways, with many materials and in different techniques, has always been Marijke’s passion. She attended classes with several excellent artists. Also the co-operation with fellow-artists is a constant source of learning and inspiration.

In the early 2000’s Marijke became fascinated by the possibilities of printmaking and non-toxic printmaking techniques; as a result, by now the main body of her work consists of graphic art. She also learned the craft of bookbinding and has made several artists’ books.

Marijke’s work includes exhibitions at home and abroad, several commissions, drawing and painting classes and workshops.

Marijke lives and works in Lochem, The Netherlands.

You are welcome to visit Marijke’s studio by appointment.


(photo: Proview Beeldstudio, Vorden)


CV Marijke van Dijk (1959)

Education (1977-1984) Wageningen University: Animal husbandry in the Tropics, Pasture Management, Educational Psychology, qualifications to teach Agricultural subjects and Biology.

Education in Arts (from 1985) a.o.:
Thea Bargeman (Lochem), Hank Schuurman (Laren Gld), Igor Kusmirac (Gooise Academie, Laren NH), Humphrey Bennett (Gooise Academie, Laren NH), Corrie Haverkort (Atelier Sabi, Eefde), Nicole Martinot (ArtEZ Art Academy, Arnhem).

Post-academic courses, ArtEz Art Academy, Arnhem

Print courses and workshops, a.o. by Pia Skogberg (Kirsten Kjaers Museum, Denemarken), Elsbeth Zimmerman (Academie De Poll, Voorst), Filip Le Roy (Polymetaal, Leiden / Art Academy Anderlecht), Mark Graver (Wharepuke Print Studio, New Zealand).

Colloquium History of Art, Vrije Academie.
Colloquium Modern Art, Vrije Academie.

Currently: Bachelor History of Art at Radboud University, Nijmegen

Hans Zegveld (Boekbinderij Pagina 1, Nijmegen),
Henk Francino (Deventer).

 Projects, a.o.:
‘De Andere Kruisweg’, a land-art project, Lochem, 2006.
‘Met Vallen en Opstaan’, a land-art project, Lochem, 2009.
Boundless Book Mania, 2012
Project Mail Art Books (Ed Hanssen), 2012

Publications, a.o.:
‘Een diepe voor in de aarde – weg van mensen’ (2008, Published by Skandalon, ISBN 978-90-76564-52-4).
‘Over Leven’, memoires of a nazi concentration camp survivor; handmade edition (6), 2010.

 Exhibitions, see: Exposities

 Art classes and workshops 

Professional Organisations:
Platform Originele Grafiek VOG
Vereniging van Nederlandse Kunsthistorici VNK

Artists Collectives:
DDK: the Danish Ladies Artists Collective (since 2007), a collaboration with a focus on Nordic art and design. 

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